Welcome to my blog.

My name is Neo. I am a 9th grade student at YHIS.

My family members are father, mother and younger brother.

My hobby is playing game, League of legend (LOL).

LOL is the most popular game in Korea.

I like this game because If I grow my character well, I can fight alone
with a lot of enemies. I’m very excited when I fight with them. Also, My favorite character is Hecarim because it is very fast and I like his skills. His skill is very fancy.

My favorite food is meat like pork and beef.

My favorite entertainer is the girl group whose name is Twice.

Twice means enjoy twice by your eyes and ears. Twice is consist of 9 members whose name are NAYEON / JEONGYEON / MOMO / SANA / JIHYO / MINA / DAHYUN / CHAEYOUNG / TZUYU. My favorite member of them is MINA because she is very pretty and very supple because she does ballet for 11 years.

My dream is to be a doctor to cure people and earn a lot of money.

Thank you for visiting my blog.

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